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Use eConsult to receive care and stay safe during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant we’ve had to change how we do things in order to protect each other from the virus.

This includes how we interact with our GP practice and receive the treatment and care we need.

Our GP practice has put in place a free service called eConsult, allowing you to submit your symptoms or requests online.

You can ask for help or advice from your practice from the safety of your home, at any time of day, reducing the risk of you catching or spreading COVID-19.


How it works

There are three ways to access and submit an eConsult:

1. Via the eConsult banner on your practice’s website, on any device:

2. Download and use the NHS App on your phone or tablet

3. Through the eConsult GP finder on the website


From there, all you have to do is complete a quick online questionnaire which is sent to

the practice. Using this, your GP can quickly check your eConsult and advise you on the

best next steps.


You can also search for trusted NHS self-help advice, complete administrative requests

and give your GP updates about long-term conditions through eConsult.


Help your practice and community:

  • eConsult not only helps you, but it also helps the practice and fellow patients.
  • By using eConsult first, the practice can better understand the needs of all patients asking for help.
  • By going online, it also frees up the phone lines for patients unable to use computers or the internet.
  • You’ll only be asked to come in for an appointment if your doctor decides you need one - saving you a trip to the practice.
  • You’ll still get a response from your practice quickly and know that your doctor is still there to help you.


Get even more information at

You can find out more about eConsult and watch a video on how it all works here:

Frequently asked questions about eConsult:

Does eConsult keep patient data?

eConsult is a data processor, they collect patient information and then pass it onto the practice in a format that makes it easy for the practice to read.

Your data is safe - Your health is private and we value this. All your medical information data goes straight to your GP practice. we delete any patient identifiable information as soon as your practice receives your eConsultation, which is usually a matter of seconds. We don’t sell your data, and any data we do keep goes into improving the product for you and your doctors. 


For further information on how eConsult works why not watch this short video about eConsult.


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