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Ide Lane, Alphington, Exeter, Devon, EX2 8UP

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We are a Research Practice for the NHS Primary Care Research Network (South West) and participate in many research studies annually. We believe it is important to be involved in research in primary care as it has a vital role in improving treatments for patients. 

In addition the practice contributes anonymous data to a database(s) used for health care research purposes. The data collection scheme has been approved by the local Research Ethics Committee. This Committee oversees all research conducted on the data. The database holds anonymised data on millions of patients, and no patient will be traceable to anyone outside the Practice. 

This practice contributes to the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD). For more information, please see the CPRD poster.

If anything to do with the research would require that you provide additional information about yourself, you will be contacted to see if you are willing to take part; you will not be identified in any published results. If you would like to opt out of this data collection scheme, please let your doctor know and no data from your records will be collected for use in research. This will not affect your care in anyway. 

If you decide to take part in any of these studies, we would be grateful if you could let the research team know that you found out about the study from Ide Lane Surgery.

If at any time you would like to know more, or have any concerns about how we use your information, please contact Linda Hinds, our Practice Manager, on 01392 439868.


Further information on how your personal data may be used for research can be found on the NHS Health Research Authority website:  NHS HRA Patient Information and health and care research


Devon Wide Feasibility Group

Use of anonymised patient data to support research across the south west


NIHR Annual Statistics Highlight Sustained Public Enthusiasm Across South West for Participating in Research

Please see details about the National Institute for Health and Care Research annual statistics highlight sustained public enthusiasm across South West for participating in research.


Clinical Research Network's Health and Care Research Community News

Please see the latest RESEARCH+ME Health & Care Research Community News


PROTECT - Research aiming to understand how the brain ages and how we can prevent dementia

Over 40? Want to keep your brain sharp? Join online PROTECT study and access brain training games proven to help maintain brain health. Sign up today!


Identifying Cancer early

Please see the The ERICA Study.


Getting Involved in Research

Diabetes Research

Improving Clinical Care in Diabetes (The ICCD) Study
Further details and for the Expression of Interest form


Join Dementia Research

Join Dementia Research (JDR) is a service supported by Ide Lane Surgery to enable people to take part in vital dementia research. Everyone over 18 can register whether they have a diagnosis of dementia or not. For more information please visit the Join Dementia Research website.


Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Study

Are you 60 years of age or older? Have you had a UTI in the past two years? You could be eligible to take part!

Please see the E.mbrace Study website to see if you are eligible to take part in the E.mbrace study.

Please also see the E.mbrace study poster.


The Community Aging Research 75+ Study (CARE 75+)

News from the CARE 75+ study


Anxiety and Depression Study

Are you...

  • Aged 16+?
  • Living in the UK?
  • Experiencing clinical levels of depression and/or anxiety, or have experienced these in the past?

If so, Glad Study are looking for patients to take part in a study. also see the Glad Study Poster.

Watch this GLAD Study video to find out how you can take part.

If you take part, please ensure you put on the form that you received the information about the study at Ide Lane Surgery


National Surveillance Programme

Royal College of General Practitioners

This practice is participating in a national surveillance programme that provides continuous monitoring of infectious diseases in the community. The surveillance programme is coordinated by the Royal College of General Practitioners Research (RCGP) and Surveillance Centre (RSC).

For further information Please see the Patient Information Sheet.